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ZIPPER Purse Handbag Metallic Bag Designer Antique Gold Silver Unique Handmade

ZIPPER Purse Handbag Metallic Bag Designer Antique Gold Silver Unique Handmade

$ 175.00

This bag was manually created by linking hundreds of metal zippers. The woman who made this art piece is one of the most talented people I met in Brazil. Her name is Neide Ambrosio but she is known as Pretinha. She is the lady whom started the whole soda pop accessories trend many years ago and her designs have inspired many to create similar things. I have seen some others around but not one gets close to her high quality level of craftsmanship. Her gorgeous high quality bags are very sturdy and they have been featured in top fashion magazines as Vogue, Bazaar, In Style etc.. they are all over the world.

Her history is as good as her bags. After retiring from teaching in the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, she moved to Rio de Janeiro City with her husband who is a musician. At the of 65 she found herself living in a new city where she didnt know people, didnt have a job as she as now retired.. long story short, she was walking in Copacabana Beach thinking about what she could do to keep herself busy etc, and she started picking up theses tabs found on the ground from trashed beer cans... the idea started there and then.

This "gala style" little bag is fully lined, it has a zipped pocket inside the main compartment and a hook closure connected from the flap over top. Approx. measurements flat: 7" x 5". Double chain handles measure approx.: 20"l. each.

Photos copyright to luxboheme and newagefoto.